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Safe Food Shouldn’t Be Optional

If it’s not safe, it’s not food. We aim to make sure all food is safe and sustainable, no matter where you live or what your economic situation is.

Food safety affects us all — consumers, businesses and governments alike. Not only can unsafe food have catastrophic health consequences, it can also lead to loss of supply chains and it can cripple economies by preventing countries from meeting import standards in developed markets.

As a major global food company, we believe we have a responsibility to help make food safe throughout the world.  We also believe food safety is a fundamental part of food security — the right for all people, at all times, to have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food.

Our vision for the future of food safety is clear and we’re committed to taking meaningful action today to create a better world tomorrow. But we can’t solve such monumental challenges alone. That’s why we are driving a new approach to food safety globally, one rooted in precompetitive knowledge sharing and collaboration.

In service of this approach, we foster collaboration and partnership with multiple universities, technology companies, industry partners and governments, as well as organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Programme, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa.

Global Food Safety Center

Building on a strong foundation of research in 2015, we opened our Global Food Safety Center (GFSC) research facility in Beijing and Huairou, China, taking our commitment to food safety to a higher level.  The Mars GFSC acts as a global and virtual hub for food safety research, collaboration, knowledge sharing and education.

We established our GFSC to increase understanding, foster collaboration and help raise food safety standards on a global scale. We do this through collaborative research, training and knowledge sharing. In fact, the Mars GFSC is one of the first facilities of its kind, both for the region and industry, driving safe food for all through a collaborative approach, rooted in expert engagement, original research, training and partnerships.

Research areas at the GFSC include: mycotoxin management, with a specific focus on mitigation and ultimately prevention of aflatoxin contamination; microbial risk management, including rapid detection and identification of foodborne pathogens; and food integrity with focus on new tools and capabilities.

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