Respect for Pets
We Keep Pet Health and Nutrition Top of Mind
Our Nutrition Philosophy

At Mars Petcare, our nutrition philosophy is central to our strategic purpose to make A Better World for Pets™. It reflects our respect for pets and the importance of the foods we make. Mars Petcare has always taken pet nutrition seriously. In 2010, we codified our guiding principles for pet food and nutrition. This philosophy builds on our historical approach and demonstrates our commitment to continuing to lead in the world of pet nutrition and care in the future.

Pet's Needs First

We put cat and dog needs first and make nutritional foods that they love.

Our founding principle is that any decision we make always puts the pet’s needs first. Understanding pets’ needs is the basis of the work done at WALTHAM and it is the foundation for all quality Mars Petcare products.

Pets’ needs include excellent nutrition, but also the pleasure of a great-tasting meal. With this in mind, when we develop our pet foods, we first use our knowledge and experience to ensure the food contains the right nutrition. Then, we deliver appealing tastes and textures. After all, if the pet refuses to eat the food, they get zero nutritional value. We put pets’ needs first and make nutritional foods that they love.

Advance Knowledge

We constantly advance our knowledge in pet nutrition by analyzing the latest science, working with independent experts and employing leading scientists.

As a part of a global science community, we are committed to advancing pet nutrition knowledge and applying the latest findings to our products. This is demonstrated through our investment in fundamental nutrition research at WALTHAM, by employing leading scientists, and by publishing and sharing this knowledge with the outside world. By bringing our assets together with the capabilities and talents of independent global experts and research institutes, we can advance our pet nutrition knowledge and deliver great products that help make A Better World for Pets™.

Never Compromise

We will never compromise on making safe, quality foods, using credible and caring science.

We will never compromise on making safe, quality foods using credible and caring science. Some cats and dogs are fed on our foods from the day they are born. Many of them depend on our products throughout their lives. We take this responsibility very seriously and always strive to deliver against our high nutrition, safety and quality standards so that pet-owners can feel confident that their pets will thrive on our products. To do this, we first focus on robust, high-quality science. So, when we make a promise about the health benefits of our products, we mean it. Secondly, any science we conduct or sponsor is based on “caring science principles,” because we love cats and dogs and will never do anything to harm them.

Good Feeding Practices

We actively drive good feeding practices by providing information, education and services.

We are committed to providing comprehensive information, education and services for our products so that those responsible for choosing what a pet eats can make an informed choice. We believe we should make information on our products available to owners, breeders and veterinarians in a way that is most useful to each. This ranges from clear and understandable product information on pack, to nutrition information for the vet in practice, to numerous online tools and services enabling good feeding practices. The science that has informed the development of our pet food is openly communicated to owners, trade partners, breeders, vets and academics.

Owners’ Needs

We listen to owners’ needs and wants to provide a wide range of foods to fulfill their pets’ needs.

We understand that every pet and home is unique; therefore, we need to have a wide range of products that are tailored to satisfy individual needs, life stages and lifestyles. Whether it’s for everyday feeding, for specific life-stage requirements, or even to help support pets with a clinical condition, we want to offer a helpful solution. We will continue to listen to owners’ expectations, so we can translate their needs into relevant everyday solutions, ensuring state-of-the-art pet nutrition.

Responsible Feeding

The Mars Petcare mission is to fundamentally change our approach to feeding cats and dogs, taking the lead in providing the best nutrition and feeding solutions for these pets.

Today, many cats and dogs live relatively sedentary lifestyles and can become overweight if they are not using as many calories as they consume. Being overweight or obese is becoming a more common health issue in pets. In some markets, around 40 percent of cats and dogs exceed their ideal weight, and this can have serious health consequences.

Mars Petcare is working to proactively address pet obesity by reflecting the sedentary lifestyle of pets in our recipe formulation and feeding recommendations. Through our WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition, we continue to invest in research to understand energy requirements and factors contributing to the healthy weight maintenance of cats and dogs.


Driven by advice from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Mars Petcare has reformulated its products and revised its feeding guidelines to reduce the number of calories that are recommended for typical pets to consume each day — by about 15 percent for adult dogs and 5 percent for adult cats. Some of your favorite Mars Petcare brands, PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN®, WHISKAS® Brands, are redesigning their products to deliver all of the essential nutritional requirements that pets need, but with fewer calories.

Feeding Guidelines

We provide comprehensive feeding guides for pet owners, which are based on the latest nutrition research from WALTHAM, as well as international scientific guidelines on the requirements of pets. Simplified feeding guides on all of our packaging are designed to support healthy body weight and provide complete and balanced nutrition at a calorie intake that’s appropriate for the activity level and life stage of cats and dogs.

The guides are designed to provide information to owners about how much to feed their pets. However, every pet will have its own specific energy requirements, so owners must adjust how much they feed their pet according to individual needs, such as age and activity level.

Quality And Food Safety

The health and wellbeing of pets is Mars Petcare’s absolute priority. Under the Mars Supplier Quality Assurance Program, all of the raw materials that we and our suppliers use must meet our strict global internal quality and safety requirements, in addition to local laws and regulation. Our robust global standards, which apply at every stage of the supply chain, allow us to ensure that all of our products are safe, nutritious and enjoyable, meaning owners can feel confident that their pets will thrive on our products.

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