What happened?

Earlier this year, M&M’s brand announced a new global commitment to use the power of fun to include everyone, creating a world where everyone feels they belong while making a stronger emphasis on the brand’s purpose of creating colorful fun for all. In response, M&M’s brand in China started our long-term strategy of driving an inclusive society through the power of fun. Today, Oct 18th, M&M’s has successfully kicked off the “M&M’s Sound” program in China with the bold ACT – supporting diversified musicians who are not fitting in because of “mainstream” standards. The program will be helping promote their music, so that everyone can see them, listen to their music and feel more sense of belonging with like-minded souls. Leveraging the diversity by the nature of music, M&M’s engages with Gen Z and local consumers across various social media platforms where everyone can be involved with the Fun DNA of the brand.


We are connecting the youth in China through “M&M’s Sound” Program

As part of the program, M&M’s released a brand single MV called “Fun For All” in China that puts brand Purpose and ideology into the rhythm through a partnership with the music creator Vinida who is one of the iconic female rappers in China. She is the perfect match for the brand DNA and the new Purpose because of her identity, her diversified music styles, and her daring personality to break the stereotypes by just being herself. Within 12 hours of release, the MV has accumulated 940K+ views, with numerous compliments from the local market for the brand’s creative act and resonating purpose.


Watch the music video of Fun For All

What does it mean to Mars?

  • As one of many actions that Mars does to create a world tomorrow where society is inclusive, the groundbreaking debut of M&M’s bold ACT in China not only updates the public on the brand-new Purpose but also refreshes the corporate image with the integrated promise.

  • M&M’s brand is further closely connected to the local GenZ, who see music as a way of showing their unique personality and are fond of sharing and connecting through music. It is a successful interpretation of Mars Wrigley’s in-depth understanding of young consumers and leading the innovation of creative marketing.

What will we do next?

China B&C, MKT and CA teams partner closely to launch more online & offline initiatives to enhance awareness and earn recognition for M&M’s new Purpose to more audience groups and invite the mass public to voice out for inclusivity and belonging in China.

  • A live stage at M&M’s World Shanghai on Nov 1st with Vinida’s appearance together with a Mars Wrigley China’s delegation led by Jelina Wan, China MKT VP to volume up the new purpose and attract online traffic to M&M’s e-commerce channels.

  • A UGC challenge on Douyin (Chinese version of Tiktok) for drawing out the shared fun by covering the brand’s single “Fun For All”.

  • An inclusive community on leading music platform where people can enjoy the brand single and contribute to a society where everyone feels they belong.

There will be more exciting news and details on China’s landing of M&M’S new brand Purpose to come on internal and external communication channels. Please stay tuned for the upcoming sharing.