Protecting the Next Generation of Cats
MYCatDNA Shines a Light on Feline Friends
Working to prevent feline diseases in the future

We believe that we can use the technology we have today to create a bold and bright future for pets tomorrow — and that includes setting them up for a lifetime of good health. By observing the health data histories of pets, we have a better understanding of early indicators that could help prevent disease in the future.  

That's why we developed the MyCatDNA test (also known as Optimal Selection Feline test). MyCatDNA can test for traits like blood type, body type, coat color, length and other features. Even more, it can identify more than 40 mutations that cause feline diseases. This can help breeders maintain a specific breed's valuable traits or avoid passing unwanted diseases to future generations. It can help breeders make educated decisions when it comes to producing another generation of cats.  

But it's not just for breeders. Owners can better understand their cat's unique health makeup, which can help in maintaining their pet's current health as well as in treating future ailments. Health profiles are available online, and breeders can also login to identify a cat's optimal breeding mate.  

The MyCatDNA test was developed by the passionate, pet-loving associates at Wisdom Health, a part of Kinship - a division of Mars Petcare focused on realizing a new vision for the future of pet care by making tech and data breakthroughs possible.

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