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Meet Two Pet-Loving Associates From Across the World
Our Petcare Associates Work Hard for Pets

We truly believe pets make the world a better place. Making them happy, healthy and welcome is at the heart of our Petcare business and our pet-loving Petcare Associates worldwide. Their passion and commitment mean 400 million pets benefit from our nutritious food, high-quality veterinary care and cutting-edge research.  

That’s why we’d like you to meet some of them in person!  


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Bharani Geetha (and Bunty), India 


For Bharani Geetha, Corporate Affairs Specialist with Pet Nutrition in India, our Petcare purpose —creating A Better World for Pets™ — has inspired her to work with the next generation of pet parents. 

“I’m involved with the India Young Angels program,” she says. “We teach kids about proper pet care and nutrition. Working with young people to ensure they know how to treat animals with love and respect is inspiring — it ties back to our commitment to make the world better for our pets.” 


Chenxing Sun, Operations Manager with Pet Nutrition in China, loves working in pet-friendly offices and appreciates our other related benefits, like pawternity leave.   

Petcare Associates Make A Better World for Pets_section 2_Meet Two Pet-Loving Associates From Across the World_2d,2.jpg

Chenxing Sun (and Tangdoudou), China 

“Pet-friendly offices are a growing trend worldwide,” Chenxing notes. “Studies show having a pet at work improves productivity and morale. It’s a concept that benefits people and pets — and for us, there’s nothing more important.”  


For Petcare Associates at Mars, it’s proof positive that what’s good for pets really is good for business.  

Have you and your canine or feline companion been looking for a new career? Our Better World for Pets™ vision and our pet-friendly offices are just two of the many reasons Mars is a Great Place to Work

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